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October 3, 2006

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WIlliam O’Neil


if the stock drops 8% from the buy point, sell;

if the stock rises after buy, pyramid more money into it up to 5% pass the initial buy price.

once a stock has risen 20%, sell;

buy exactly at the pivot point where a stock is moving to new highs after a flat area in an upwar trend. such flat areas are consolidation periods

buy and sell in parcels

selling your worst -performing stocks first and keep best acting investments a little longer


C: current quarterly earnings per share is accelerating;

A: annual earnings per share is accelerating;

N: new things to drive the stock to new highs;

S: supply of stock should be small, demand is high;

L: leaders in the industry;

I: Institutions sponsorship should be moderate, but not over crowned;

M: whole market direction should be upward; daily price and volume charts

Gary Pilgrim


high earnings expections and positive earnings surprises;

high profit margin and low debt;

Benjamin Graham,  Philip Fisher:a book Common Stocks and  Uncommon Profits, Warren Buffert:Berkshire Hathaway, Peter Lynch:Fidelity Magellan Fund, William O’Neil : IBD,  Gary Pilgrim: PBHG growth mutual fund


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