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October 19, 2006

ZT : Citi EZ checking & Saving

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limitation of ACH sucks

but i heard that ACH pulled from other bank has no limitation of AMOUNT , no fee charged.

Banks that count ING/Paypa/ ACH push transfers as direct deposits (confirmed successes):

Bank of America (ING, Paypal, ACH push)
Bank of the West (ING, Paypal)
Bank One (ING, Paypal, ACH push)
Bank of New York (ACH push)
Charter One (ING, ACH push)
Chase (ING, Paypal, ACH push)
Citibank (ING, Paypal, ACH push)
Citizens Bank (ING)
Commerce Bank (ING, Paypal) – refers to one in the northeast
Commerce Bank (ING) – refers to the one in Missouri
Compass Bank (ING)
E-Trade Bank (ING, ACH push)
HSBC (ING, Paypal, ACH push)
Huntington National Bank (PayPal)
PNC Bank (Paypal, ACH push)
Principal Bank (ING)
Salem Five (ACH push)
SunTrust (ING, Paypal)
UFBDirect (ACH push)
US Bank (Paypal, ACH push)
Wachovia (ING)
Washington Mutual (ING, ED, Paypal)
Wells Fargo (ING?) – One report that ING is counted as DD, one report that it isn’t…YMMV

Banks that don’t count ING/Paypal/ACH push transfers as direct deposits (confirmed failures):

Charter One (no Paypal)
Presidential Bank
Wells Fargo (no ING?)
Wachovia (no Paypal)
PNC Bank
MeadowsCU (no ACH push)


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