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October 24, 2006

Firefox popup window can not be resized, annoying issue

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> I experience many websites where clicking on a link brings a small
> pop-up window which cannot be resized as the ‘maximise’ icon does
> not work. This is very frustrating as the text/images in the
> window are unable to be read/viewed fully as not all of it is
> visible. I am using XP Home SP2 with Firefox Version

> Any ideas to a solution to this problem would be appreciated.

Enter “about:config” in the location bar, then enter
“dom.disable_window_open_feature.resizable” in the filter box which
appears.  Double-click the “false” to chang it to “true”.  After that,
all popups should be resizable.

You may want to set some of the other dom.disable_window_open_feature.*
prefs to true also, to give websites less ability to control what you
can do or see in the popup windows.  I set all of mine to true and
haven’t had any cause to regret it.


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