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November 21, 2006

FatWallet Forums – Sceptre 22" Wide HDMI LCD Monitor $299.99 after MIR

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One shareware program (made originally for laptop screens) is known as Dead Pixel Buddy. It will let you control your LCD and display screens in most any solid color so that dead or stuck pixels will show up. I have two stuck pixels on my new Sceptre. One is near the center, is very faint, and only shows up when the screen is black. I was only able to find it with this program. When any other colors but black are displayed, this stuck pixel turns those colors. I have another near the left edge which is more disfunctional. It is bright blue when darker screen colors are shown and red when they are lighter. I tried the program JScreenFix which “exercises” your display by changing every pixel randomly 60 times a second. Supposedly running it for 24 to 72 hours will unstick the stuck pixels. It hasn’t worked for me, but may for others.
You can read about lots of good stuck pixel info and other tricks on this site: Fix-a-Stuck-Pixel Wiki. Just a general warning: don’t poke, rub hard with a credit card, coins, or any of the other lame ideas that may damage areas around the bad pixel and could very well cause more bad pixels or screen damage. I did try pushing and rubbing the offending pixels with a pencil eraser through a protective piece of paper, but that didn’t work either.

There are quite a few good free monitor tests , listed HERE


For checking dead or stuck pixels I like Laptop Showcase’s Dead Pixel Buddy Ver1.1. (DPT Dead Pixel Checker Ver 2.0 is also good.)
If you should discover any pixel problems, this site seems to have less voodoo and more science. It is also a pretty good read: “Fixing Stuck Pixels”.
(Using a pencil eraser with light pressure and a piece of paper in between for protection seems more appropriate to try to “unstick” a stuck pixel to me than using a credit card corner or sharp object to rub directly on your screen. This LCD screen exerciser program may also be helpful to unstick pixels: JS ScreenFix.)

like HardForums or ExtreemOverclocking where people have had similar experiences running two-monitor hook-ups. I’

cable from Monoprice


Source: FatWallet Forums – Sceptre 22″ Wide HDMI LCD Monitor $299.99 after MIR



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