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December 5, 2006

Mio C310x

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ybarra wries:

Let me see if I can explain this in plain English for everyone.
1) Install Mio Transfer on your computer (this let’s you copy mp3’s to the mio c310x). Search for and download Mio Transfer Hack. Rename the real mio transfer that you just installed to something else and copy the hacked mio transfer to the same directory and rename it. Now when you run mio transfer it will allow you to see all of the mio’s folders (not just the mp3).
2) Download and extract Browse to \My Flash Disk\MioMap\MioMap on your mio using the hacked mio transfer. Rename miomap.exe to miomapold.exe. Copy miotool.exe, miomap.exe, and (that you just extracted) into the Miomap directory using hacked mio transfer.
3) On the mio, click on the mio map. It will run the file explorer instead (which is actually the miomap.exe file you just copied over renamed. Use this tool to browse to \My Flash Disk\MioMap\MioMap and run miotool.exe by double-tapping. This gives you a keyboard popup icon at the top left corner of the screen. Now doubletap the file. It will open the cab for install but you can’t do anything. Now tap the keyboard popup icon and it pops up a keyboard. Click back on the installer (to highlight it) then click on the return key on the keyboard. Click on “yes to all” to install all the files. Soft reset the mio.
4) install activesync 4.2 on PC. Mio will now connect. Go back and delete the miomap.exe file that you copied over. Delete the miotool.exe. rename the miomapold.exe back to miomap.exe. Go up one directory and go into the “Utils directory.” Delete the french language file. You can go into the windows directory under desktop to rename the icons to things that make sense to english people :). Some of the icons will not work because the mio c310x lacks picture viewers, contacts, and stuff. Just run miomap to get back in the gps. If you hard-reset your unit you’ll lose your unlock and have to redo most of it.
5. There are 2 versions of the c310x (one w/ a sticker that says 1 gig extra memory). One has 1MB internal flash the other has 2GB internal. I saw the 2GB model the day before the circuit city sale in the display case, but the day of the sale they had cartons of the 1MB unit they handed out (which I unfortunately got…I wanted the 2GB obviously). I don’t know if the units are hackable to open up and replace the internal flash with a larger chip.
6. You can run the maps off of SD cards by making the \miomap\maps directory on the SD card. Otherwise you have to use regedit (in the tools directory after unlocking) to modify your unit as posted elsewhere to run maps anywhere off the SD card. You can split your maps between the two to make room on the internal flash for programs (i.e. put your home state and surrounding plus base in internal flash, put the rest of the US and Canada on SD).

  • wkendrvr writes:

    1. Download the available on this site
    2. Unzip the contents : Miotool.exe, miomap.exe and
    3. Using the miotransferhack, navigate to \my flash disk\miomap\MIOMAP and rename miomap.exe to miomap2.exe then transfer miomap.exe from the zip file to that folder and Miotool.exe and to the root folder of the Mio (Use to transfer the file.)
    4. Click on the MioMap icon on the Main Shell, this will take you to the file browser
    5. Click on Miotool.exe to get the keyboard
    6. Clock on and use the keyboard if necessary
    6. Soft reset
    7. Delete miomap.exe and rename miomap2.exe to miomap.exe
    8. That’s it, you’re done !
    To watch movies you will need tcpmp movie player and the aac audio plugin from

  • OK, I just did the hack to bring up Windows CE. It works great, though it’s a little scary at points, especially since I couldn’t find a definitive guide in English. For those who want to try, here is exactly what I did. There may be an easier way, but here’s what worked for me.
    Keep in mind that you’re doing this at your own risk–my experience may be different than yours.
    – Make sure Microsoft ActiveSync is installed.
    – If you haven’t already, install Mio Transfer from your 310x DVD.
    – Download the Mio Transfer Hack from the summary area of this topic. Take the hacked file and paste it into C:\Program Files\Mio Digiwalker. Delete the Mio Transfer.exe file and rename Mio Transfer Hack.exe to Mio Transfer.exe
    – Run Mio Transfer and plug your GPS into your PC. It should recognize the GPS on the right.
    – Go to My Flash Disk\MioMap\MioMap and delete the MioMap.exe file.
    – Download “” from link in the summary area of this topic. Unzip it.
    – In Mio Transfer, locate the unzipped file on your hard drive and copy the miomap.exe, Miotool.exe, and over.
    – Disconnect your GPS and perform a soft reset by pressing the “reset” button on the bottom of the unit.
    – When your unit restarts, double-click MioMap. File Explorer starts.
    – Navigate to My Flash Disk\MioMap\Miomap and double click on MIOTOOL.exe. See the small box in the upper left corner now? You’ll need that soon.
    – In the same folder, double click
    – You need to press ENTER, so click the box that says “Utils”, then click the little box in the upper left corner. A keyboard pops up. Press enter. Click the little box to make the keyboard disappear.
    – Select Yes to All and let the files load in.
    – When it’s finished, perform another soft reset.
    – This time, the desktop will come up. Double-click “Explorer.”
    – Navigate to My Flash Disk\utils and delete the French.lng file (I think that’s the name. It’s the French language file you want to kill. You delete it by selecting it and clicking the red X at the top of the screen).
    – Navigate to My Flash Disk\miomap\miomap and delete Miomap.exe.
    – Reconnect your GPS to your PC. If it doesn’t connect via ActiveSync, you’ll have to Open ActiveSync and delete the partnership via the File menu. Unplug the GPS and plug it in again. Click on ActiveSync on the GPS screen if it doesn’t connect right away. This was a bit of trial and error for me until the two finally connected. Create a new partnership if you have to.
    – In your PC’s File Explorer, open the 310x DVD. Navigate to Install/miomap.
    – In ActiveSync, choose to Explore your GPS. Copy the miomap.exe file from your DVD to the My Flash Disk\mioMap\miomap folder on your GPS.
    – Unplug your GPS. Soft reset.
    – Now when it starts, you can click Miomap from the desktop to start your GPS like it used to be! To exit back to your CE desktop, choose Home and Exit.
    – Tip: On the CE desktop, select the Windows button/Settings/Taskbar and Start Menu. Uncheck “Always on Top.”
    – Note: Some say you have to reload your maps once this is all done. I just recopied the basemap.fbl file from the maps directory on the DVD to My Flash Disk/mioMap/miomap/maps on the device and soft reset. Everything worked fine after that. A soft reset alone may have fixed the problem though.
    Hope this helps someone!



    Got my new Mio C710 last week and have been playing with it. Loving the navigation, way better than my old Navman SmartST with iPAQ jacket!
    Anyway, I’m always curious about how these things work and was triggered by trying to explore the memory to add the new voice on Underneath the MIO screens is a full Windows CE device, it just needs unlocking (at your own risk of course) Wink
    I found in a french forum on a link to the following page with an “”
    If you cannot explore the \flashdrive over a bluetooth connection then you must then do the following:
    Instructions are included in the zip file (in French) which you should follow – read them through several times until you are happy (but essentially you are asked to make a copy of the MIOMAPV3 cd on to your hard drive and rename miomap.exe in the installs folder. Then add the “miomap.exe” and other files from the downloaded zip).
    Run setup from your new folder and choose to restore your miomapv3.1 software. This will upload the new miomap.exe.
    If you can explore the flashdrive with bluetooth then simply rename the miomap.exe on the C710 and upload the files from the zip.
    Once restored, perform a soft reset and select miomap from the front screen as normal – hey presto, you have a file explorer!
    navigate to \flashdrive\MIOMAP\\Miomap\ and double click on MIOTOOL.exe, this starts a keyboard app. Then double click the This requires an “enter” key press to install so once the install dialog is open, click on the little abc icon top left to expand the keyboard and press enter.
    Perform another soft reset and you get a desktop and file explorer.
    You now need to go to \flashdrive\utils\total commander\ and delete the french language file, then go to \flashdrive\miomap\miomap and delete the fake miomap.exe and rename the original back to miomap.exe.
    You can now start miomap from the desktop (although I also had to retransmit my maps). You can also use activesync (download from MS) to explore and transfer files easily to the whole unit, not just the flash drive.
    I have installed a new mp3 player from (choose the NEXIO160 version) which is way better, minimises and plays in the background, and still mutes for phone calls!
    All I need now is a better PIM!
    If you are happy as it is then please leave it alone, but that MP3 player was really annoying me as the advertised “minimise” button was non-existent. In theory I can watch DivX films on it now, play games, plus not get lost anywhere in Europe of course!
    I hope this is of use to someone, let me know how you get on!


    To get going quickly with a few ready-to-go (and easy to undo) improvements for the C310x just do this:
    1.) Make sure Mio Transfer is not loaded (check the tray for its icon).
    2. Rename “C:\Program Files\Mio DigiWalker\Mio Transfer.exe” to Mio TransferOld.exe.
    3 Download the hacked version of Mio Transfer here:
    4) Unzip to C:\Program Files\Mio DigiWalker, and rename Mio Transfer Hack.exe to Mio Transfer.exe (so it matches the original filename, as in step two).
    5.) Run Mio Transfer, which will now be the hacked version (hacked version allows far more access to Mio’s files than unhacked version).
    6.) Connect the Mio to the PC.
    7) In Mio Transfer, on the Mio side, navigate to \My Flash Disk\MioMap\MioMap. Note: The hacked version of Mio Transfer appears to have one negative side-effect. It doesn’t let you navigate to the root of the Mio once you’ve drilled down a level or two. Simply click the SD icon, and then back to the Flash icon, to return to the root.
    8.) In the folder outlined above, rename to
    9.) Download Moonbear’s customized from here:
    10.) Use (hacked) Mio Transfer to copy to the folder on the Mio outlined in step 7. Then rename (on the Mio) to
    11.) Exit Mio Transfer, disconnect Mio and soft-reset it (use reset hole in bottom–do NOT use on/off switch).
    That’s it! You’ll have, among other improvements, the ability to turn on fast Fly Over as a setting option.
    Other changes are outlined by Moonbear here:
    This is the quickest way, in my opinion, to at least get started with customizing (albeit at a very simplified level).
    If you don’t like the changes this makes on your 310x (it doesn’t remove any functionality–it adds to what is already there), just use Mio Transfer to delete and rename back to Disconnect and soft-reset Mio, and it will be back to its original state!
    BTW: To use maps on SD create a folder \miomap\maps on the SD card to hold FLV files (e.g., cananda.flv). They will seamlessly be used by Mio Map on the Mio 310x itself.
    Good luck,




    No, I mean you can change the voice to use a woman with a UK English accent.
    Instructions ripped from FW:
    How to add a voice language using MioTransfer Hack.
    1. Download Mio Transfer Hack
    2. Unzip the only file, “Mio Transfer Hack.exe” to your MioDigiWalker program directory.
    3. Backup the current “Mio Transfer.exe” in a different folder.
    4. Rename “Mio Transfer Hack.exe” to “Mio Transfer.exe”. You don’t need the quotations.
    5. Open “Mio Transfer.exe” and it’ll be a different interface from the one you installed on the disk. Don’t unzip it.
    6. Download the Language Pack you want here to your desktop. (the English ones have an Eng in the filename. You’ll see US and UK, F1 is female, M1 is male).
    7. Go back to Mio Transfer and click on the Flash icon and it should show you all the folders in your GPS.
    8. Navigate to \My Flash Disk\MioMap\MioMap\voice\ and transfer the language file in it’s .zip format.
    With this method, you don’t have to unlock your MIO to add a language voice. Hope this helps. Credit goes stroths for all the information posted by him.


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    Wow, hats off to Tin Man for writing such a detailed step by step guide.
    Some minor improvement:
    7) In Mio Transfer Hack, indeed you can only go up to \My Flash Disk, \Windows, or \Storage Card, but not the absolute root (\). I used to switch between SD and Flash icon to get to the root, too. But here is a faster trick > Simply click on MP3 or Photo icon, it will take you to \ right away. No more switch back and forth.
    10) Actually, whatever you do with MioMap in \My Flash Disk, you don’t even have to soft reset to make it work. I even started MioMap while it’s still connected via ActiveSync.




    NOTICE TO DRIVERS IN CALIFORNIA AND MINNESOTA: State law prohibits drivers in California and Minnesota from using suction mounts on their windshields while operating motor vehicles. Other Garmin dashboard or friction mounting options should be used. Garmin does not take any responsibility for any fines, penalties, or damages that may be incurred as a result of disregarding this notice. (See California Vehicle Code Section 26708(a); Minnesota Statutes 2005, Section 169.71)


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    1. Please keep in mind in regards to the above posts that if you lose your maps due to the fact that either Mio C310x has stopped working all of a sudden and then cannot find maps that you much purchase a SD card and make a directory:


      on the SD card to hold FLV files either off the Mio CD or another source. I understand that the above have mentioned this but one of the post mentioned a similar path but actually one folder too deep. Make sure to only use the path above.

      Comment by jon — October 7, 2008 @ 3:55 am

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