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December 28, 2006

: Mio c310x GPS

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Mio c310x GPS

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The official Black Friday 2006 GPS for Fatwallet.

General Information

Product Information

  • Mio c310x manufacturer link
  • Direct link to c310x quick start quide (part 1)
  • Direct link to c310x quick start quide (part 2)
  • Direct link to c310x users manual
  • Direct link to MioMap users manual
  • Manufacturer Specifications
    • 20 channel SiRFstarIII
    • 3.5″ anti-glare TFT touchscreen/65k colors/QVGA 320×240 pixels/landscape orientation
    • SD/MMC card
    • Mini USB v1.1
    • Built-in speaker/3.5mm headphone mini-jack(stereo)
    • 110x70x20mm (4.33″ x 2.76″ x 0.79″)
    • 170g (6oz)
  • Circuit City Specifications
    • < 9.8 ft Accuracy
    • Voice-guided commands
    • Compass
    • No Barometer
    • No Altimeter Not true
    • 2GB ROM, 64MB RAM
    • Unlimited with add-on SD memory cards (sold separately)
    • Built-in basemaps (uses 2yr old TeleAtlas maps)
    • Entire US and Canada
    • Up to 5 hours battery life
    • 12 months Warranty Parts
    • 12 Months Warranty Labor
  • Accessories Included
    • AC adapter
    • Car charger
    • Car mount
    • Car holder
    • USB cable
    • Application CD (?)
    • Map DVD
    • Owner’s manual
    • Basic Warranty – 12 months parts / 12 months labor
  • Part Number Information
    • My P/N: 242148900025 R00
    • Model No: Mio C310
    • Space writes: From what I’ve seen so far it looks like the 2GB model has a part number ending in 0026, whereas the one ending in 0106 is 1GB.
    • sumrtym writes: Mine is 0025 and is 1GB.
    • jeffkhlam writes: Mine ending is 0022, it’s a 1gb model… and it does come with ac adapter.
    • Snowbdr writes:

      I do not want to be the final word on this, but when I spoke to Mio Customer Service about a week ago (when trying to understand the difference between the 310 and 310x), they told me that the upgraded iGo software was able to do more with less memory… that is that it took less to store maps, POI’s, and routing info with the iGo software. Therefore, the 310x would come with less memory. However, there were 310’s that had the extra memory already in hand, and they simply installed the new software. As mentioned, there is no required hardware change between the two, so a unit intended to be a 310 could be turned into a 310x, and would have the extra memory. If you purchase a unit that was manufactured with the sole intention of being a 310x, then I think that you will get the lesser memory. I would think that the AC charger may be a similar “carryover.” Coupling this info with what some people are reporting, I think that the 1GB Free sticker says that you got 1GB more than the 310x generally has, but it is the same as what the 310 used to come with. The rep even mentioned this sticker when we spoke.

    • mmarcuse writes:

      Some comparisons on the extra 1GB version, as my family got two – one with the extra GB sticker, one without.
      -Model numbers on the units are different. The extra gig is model C310 2X, the one without the extra is the C310 X.
      -UPC’s are the same for both types.
      -Mio Transfer shows 35MB free on the normal version. The stickered has 1,000MB free (as promised).
      -Igo and maps versions are the same (3.2 Aug for Igo)
      -ROM versions are different, the non extra GB version has a slightly higher ROM version.
      -The screen on the non-extra GB unit is brighter and slightly sharper than the one with the extra GB. On full brightness, the extra GB version still isn’t as crisp as the non-extra GB version on half-bright. But if they weren’t side by side I probably wouldn’t notice the difference.

Support & Services

  • Mio Service Center
  • Register for great benefits
    • Member Benefits:

      Why Register Club Mio?
      This is where personal Mio DigiWalker users can kick back and know more about all aspects of Mio DigiWalker products – from latest PDA/GPS/Smartphone technologies to how to enhance your mobile life experience. Club Mio is designed to provide Mio DigiWalker products user a better experience when questions and services are needed. Through this club, user will be able to find out latest technologies, product information, to download useful utilities/software for latest & hottest application and important announcements you should know about.
      Who is Qualified to Join Club Mio?
      Everyone can join Club Mio and enjoy the benefits of it. Of course, if you are a Mio DigiWalker product user, (e.g. GPS/PDA/Smartphone and others) you are automatically qualified for registering with Club Mio. Again, we welcome non-Mio DigiWalker users to join the program so that the opportunity to serve you in the not-too-distance future can be obtained.
      What are the Benefits of Joining Club Mio?
      Currently there are two memberships available from Club Mio. Each membership has its benefits described below.
      Club Mio Member
      This level of membership is designed for both non-Mio DigWalker product users and owners of MioDigiWalker products who have not been registered in this program yet. To apply for the membership, all you need is to register with Club Mio .Once you’ve successfully registered , you are entitled to receive the following benefits and service from Mio DigiWalker.
      * New products and important announcements.
      * Free software, utility and driver download.
      * Special product promotional programs.
      * Technical questions and solutions provided by Mio Service Team.
      * Participation of special product promotional programs.
      * Online Q & A service
      Club Mio VIP Member
      This level of membership is an advanced design exclusively for Mio DigiWalker product owner. You need to become a Club Mio Memeber first, so you can upgrade to Club Mio VIP Member later on. While you are processing the upgrade, you will be asked for detailed information about your Mio DigiWalker product, such as product serial number, model name, etc.
      The benefits are accumulative. That means Club Mio VIP Member is a super set of Club Mio Member. Once you’ve successfully registered with it, you are entitled to receive benefits and service from previous Club Mio Member ¡®PLUS¡¯ the benefits of the followings:
      * Latest product notification.
      * Active email notification on latest software, utility and driver download.
      * Higher service priority to receive technical assistance.
      NOTE: As membership number grows, Mio DigiWalker will provide further services that are tailored for specific territory (country) and needs.

  • Download Canadian map here: Canada (credit to Gpspassion thread)
  • Download Alaska & Hawaii maps here: Alaska & Hawaii (credit to gmitch64)

Differences between c310 and c310x

(credit to

  • The C310x uses Mio Map mapping software (a Mio-branded version of iGo)—bringing a completely different look & feel to the user interface. The C310x continues to use the same underlying Tele Atlas map database (not quite as good as the NAVTEQ; but getting better).
  • The C310x offers pre-loaded US maps (50 US States + Guam & Puerto Rico). We now know that these Canadian maps are not there.
  • The C310x still offers an MP3 player, which can play while navigating
  • The C310x software supports additional viewing modes (horizon tilt, zoom & pan while in 3D mode), pedestrian navigation mode, as well as other UI customization options
  • A lot of people who bought the Mio C310X got an AC charger. The data from Mio is mixed if the Mio C310x is supposed to have an AC charger.


  • Q: What does T-T-S do? Care to share some examples?
    A: LexLuthor writes: Text-to-speech. It can read the words in the database and speak them. Instead of saying, turn left in 100 yards, it’ll say turn left at Smith street, if it’s got TTS.
  • Q: Have anyone discovered a way (is it possible?) to add your own POIs? This thing makes me feel like its designers don’t go anywhere but home and work.
    A: stroths writes: You need to be in “Map” mode. You get there by clicking the “Map” icon from the homepage when you first load the map application. Once in the Map application, click the arror at the bottom left hand side of the screen to bring up the bottom row of buttons and click “Add POI”. This will add a POI for the current blinking location you see on the map.
  • Q: What are some good settings to change?
    A: Snapshot writes: You’ll want to change a few of the default settings to get the most out of it, but once it’s set up and you use it a couple of times you’ll see its the best GPS unit in its price range. First thing to change: When you select a POI to route to it shows that location on the map and moves the map cursor to the destination providing details and showing you where you’re going to end up. The problem comes when you search for another POI before arriving at this destination and the unit gives you results around your destination instead of where you are. This is easily changed by selecting ‘Search aroung current GPS location’ in the search criteria menu, but the default is ‘Search nearest to Map cursor’. A little confusing at first. Second: I wish there wasa button to show the route itenary on the main map screen. To see the text directions you have to go to another menu and select ‘show itenerary’. This took me a while to figure out (quess I could have used the manual, but thats not challenging enough)
  • Q: What SD card’s capacity is max?
    A: akarchangel writes: According to the mio website, the Transcend 4GB SD card passed their testing.
    stroths writes: If you can get just a regular 4GB SD (no SDHC) then it should work. The standard of SD only goes up to 2gb. Anything over that is supposed to be under the SDHC standard. Hwever, some manufacturers have bent the rules and made a non-SDHC 4GB card that works in most devices. I have a Treo and there is a large discussion over it at because many want a 4gb card that will work in our treos. There are some that are non-SDHC like the Transcent mentioned.
  • Q: I realize was that the movie sometimes lag (not smooth, pixel issues) Do you think it would help if I get a faster SD card?
    A: gmitch64 writes: Firstly, made sure I had the latest version of tcpmp installed (I had initially installed the older version I am running on my Axim (time to upgrade that too)). Also, once you get the latest version installed, go to Options… Settings… Player, and increase the Normal Buffer Size – I’ve increased mine to 16384, and it seems to have helped quite a bit. I also changed the ‘preload at underrun’ to 40% too (not sure that is helping any tho)
  • Q:: What are some useful extra functions after hacking?
  • A: stroth writes:
    1. Watch videos on your Mio. I use TCPMP to playback divx encoded movies. It will also playback multiple audio formats (including WMA). The included mp3 player only plays mp3’s. That sucks for me as I encoded most of my music in WMA format to save space.
    2. Install your own mapping software. Some have installed Tom Tom on similar units. However, the included iGo is nicer than TomTom according to some who have used both.
    3. Run misc applications like caculators, pdf readers, etc
    4. If you are so inclined, you can customize the interface of the mapping software to suit your needs. This is more of an advanced hack if you design it yourself.
    I am sure there are many more uses, but these are some of the bigger ones.
  • Q: What is the processor on this unit?
    A: crossgar writes: If the c310x has the same internals as the C310 then it has an Intel® Xscale processor 300 MHz
    thised1 writes: From what I’ve read, the c310 has Samsung S3C2440 processor running at 400 MHz. c310x believed to have the exact same hardware. Apparently, this CPU comes in three versions – 300 MHz (TT uses this), 400 MHz and 533 MHz (haven’t seen any devices with 533).
  • Q: Where is the map directory to add/remove states I dont travel to in order to make room for Canada maps?
    A: gmitch64 writes: They’re in \My Flash Disk\miomap\miomap\maps which you can’t see using the standard miotransfer program – you need the hacked one.
  • Q: I install tcpmp to mine and it works fine except for the fact that the movie is up side down…does anyone have this problem?
    A: stroths writes: In TCPMP select Options -> View -> Orientation -> Upside Down
  • Q: How can you check if you have the 1 GB version or 2 GB?
    A: gmitch64 writes: You should be able to see how much space you have using the MIOTransfer program. If you have around 50MB free, you have a 1GB one (like me). If you have 1000MB free, you have the larger device.
  • Q: Will I s see the SD card as a drive where you can just drag stuff to it or must you use the Mio software to get the files onto the SD card?
    A: gmitch64 writes: You can do it either way… It’s slooow using the MIOTransfer program (or indeed active sync if you hack it). Pick up a cheap card reader and use that on your PC. One thing with the music, is that the MP3 playlists seem to need to be in the \My Flash Disk\MP3\Playlist directory before they are picked up.
  • Q: I think I killed my GPS after doing the hack, I kept getting that “map data not found” error message. Help!
    A: Reinstall the maps.
    stroths writes: I also noticed that for California and Texas, I had to copy them to the SD hooked to my PC then put the SD in the GPS and move them over. Those two states have the largest data files and errored out trying to copy using Activesync.
  • Q: If I run the program in CE, can I expand it so that it takes up the entire screen like it does now?
    A: stroths writes: Yes, it will run in full screen. You might want to set the taskbar to not always be on top and to autohide. I did this because sometimes if I tapped at the bottom of the screen in MioMap, the taskbar would popup. It was annoying, but those settings fixed that.
  • Q: Could someone verify the program version by going to Settings then About?
    Mio Map Program version v3.2 Aug 2 2006
    Powered by iGO 2006
    Base map version 2006.01
    All State Maps : 2005.02 (Data source 2006 Tele Atlas)
    Rom Version: R33F.3.103.928
  • credit to LexLuthor

    New FAQ posted by Mio today.
    Q1 How often are map updates made available and when will the next update be offered?
    A Mio Technology will offer a map update in spring 2007 for our portable navigation devices
    We believe the new maps from our partners at Tele Atlas are the best digital maps ever commercially developed and we think our customers will find them reliable, complete and robust.
    In order to give our customers the best possible experience getting their Mio DigWalker navigation device updated with this new map data, we are working with our retail partners to create a easy way +have your Mio DigiWalker updated. Please check our website from time to time for map pricing and availability
    Q2 What maps are included with the Mio DigiWalker C310x?
    A The Mio DigiWalker C310x navigation device contains full road maps of the entire U.S. (including Alaska and Hawaii) as well as over 3.5 million points of interest.
    Q3 Will maps of other countries outside of the U.S. be available as add-on for my Mio DigiWalker C310x?
    A Yes, maps of Canada and select European countires will be available in early 2007. Please check our website from time to time for map pricing and availability
    Q4 My Mio DigiWalker C310x does not appear to turn on – what could be my problem?
    A The Mio DigiWalker C310x features both a soft “standy” power button as well as an actual power-on switch on the bottom of the device, please refer to the quick start guide for further detail.
    Q5 Will the Mio DigiWalker C310x allow me to sync with my Microsoft Outlook to import my contact list.
    A While the original Mio DigiWalker C310 navigation device did support the ability to import Microsoft Outlook contacts, the new Mio DigiWalker C310x no longer supports this feature.
    Q6 I am unable to read from my MioMap disc
    A Please note that the content and application disc included with the Mio DigiWalker C310x is a DVD ROM and must be read by your Windows PC DVD ROM dirve.
    Q7 I am having tourble finding the MP3
    A The Mio DigiWalker C310x’s MP3 player is accessed via the main menu. The C310x features a soft button on the side of the device for instant access to the Mio Map menu. Click the “door” icon to exit +to the main menu, select the MP3 player from this page and enjoy.
    Q8 Where are MP3 files stored on my Mio DigiWalker C310x?
    A MP3 music files are not stored directly within the Mio DigiWalker C310x device itself, but rather on optional SD/MMC cards. Please see the included user’s manual for tips on how to translfer music files +to your SD memory cards.

  • MoonBear writes: (original thread:

    1. SD Card issue
    Anytime you put SD card back to C310x, make sure you do a soft reset (with C310x on) or C310x won’t find it or refresh its cache.
    2. Soft Reset and Hard Reset
    Some people have never used a Palm or Pocket PC all their lives. I envy them. But there is a difference in soft reset and hard reset in these kind of gadgets, including C310x.
    Take a look at the bottom of C310x. There is a on/off switch, hard to get to. Well, it’s designed that way on purpose. If you switch it to off, then C310x loses its power, everything you’ve installed/hacked is gone. That’s all you have to know. Period.
    However, there are many times you are reqested to do a soft reset. Just use a clip or toothpick, poke the tiny hole between USB and ear phone. It’s like restarting your PC. All your programs are closed but the programs installed are still there in C310x.
    Neither soft reset nor hard reset can restore any changes you made to MioMap, though. Since MioMap are stored in NAND Flash, similar to hard disk, any changes you make is undoable. Don’t change anything you don’t have a copy, that’s my suggestion.
    3. Hide taskbar
    After unlocking the c310x and running Miomap, the taskbar seems to block button access for MioMap. Here is how to hide it.
    Windows icon > Settings > Taskbar and Start Menu …
    Check Auto Hide

Hack the Mio c310x

Hack your c310x to have full access to Windows CE – Including MP4 Movie Playback, Winamp, and MS ActiveSync

  • compliments to stroths

    1. The instructions are for the 510/710, but it works just the same on the 310 providing you use the CD method rather than the bluetooth (310 has no bluetooth)
    2. Download
    3. Download TCPMP .81 Beta RC1 (credit to stroths for uploading) – This is the last version before they started charging. The AAC plugin is included. This will run along side .72 and previous versions. If you don’t want both, you will have to uninstall the old version as this installs in a new directory.

Customizing the Mio C310x/C510/C710 –

  • Lots of information on this thread: Customizing the Mio C310x/C510/C710
    ybarra wries:

    Let me see if I can explain this in plain English for everyone.
    1) Install Mio Transfer on your computer (this let’s you copy mp3’s to the mio c310x). Search for and download Mio Transfer Hack. Rename the real mio transfer that you just installed to something else and copy the hacked mio transfer to the same directory and rename it. Now when you run mio transfer it will allow you to see all of the mio’s folders (not just the mp3).
    2) Download and extract Browse to \My Flash Disk\MioMap\MioMap on your mio using the hacked mio transfer. Rename miomap.exe to miomapold.exe. Copy miotool.exe, miomap.exe, and (that you just extracted) into the Miomap directory using hacked mio transfer.
    3) On the mio, click on the mio map. It will run the file explorer instead (which is actually the miomap.exe file you just copied over renamed. Use this tool to browse to \My Flash Disk\MioMap\MioMap and run miotool.exe by double-tapping. This gives you a keyboard popup icon at the top left corner of the screen. Now doubletap the file. It will open the cab for install but you can’t do anything. Now tap the keyboard popup icon and it pops up a keyboard. Click back on the installer (to highlight it) then click on the return key on the keyboard. Click on “yes to all” to install all the files. Soft reset the mio.
    4) install activesync 4.2 on PC. Mio will now connect. Go back and delete the miomap.exe file that you copied over. Delete the miotool.exe. rename the miomapold.exe back to miomap.exe. Go up one directory and go into the “Utils directory.” Delete the french language file. You can go into the windows directory under desktop to rename the icons to things that make sense to english people :). Some of the icons will not work because the mio c310x lacks picture viewers, contacts, and stuff. Just run miomap to get back in the gps. If you hard-reset your unit you’ll lose your unlock and have to redo most of it.
    5. There are 2 versions of the c310x (one w/ a sticker that says 1 gig extra memory). One has 1MB internal flash the other has 2GB internal. I saw the 2GB model the day before the circuit city sale in the display case, but the day of the sale they had cartons of the 1MB unit they handed out (which I unfortunately got…I wanted the 2GB obviously). I don’t know if the units are hackable to open up and replace the internal flash with a larger chip.
    6. You can run the maps off of SD cards by making the \miomap\maps directory on the SD card. Otherwise you have to use regedit (in the tools directory after unlocking) to modify your unit as posted elsewhere to run maps anywhere off the SD card. You can split your maps between the two to make room on the internal flash for programs (i.e. put your home state and surrounding plus base in internal flash, put the rest of the US and Canada on SD).

  • wkendrvr writes:

    1. Download the available on this site
    2. Unzip the contents : Miotool.exe, miomap.exe and
    3. Using the miotransferhack, navigate to \my flash disk\miomap\MIOMAP and rename miomap.exe to miomap2.exe then transfer miomap.exe from the zip file to that folder and Miotool.exe and to the root folder of the Mio (Use to transfer the file.)
    4. Click on the MioMap icon on the Main Shell, this will take you to the file browser
    5. Click on Miotool.exe to get the keyboard
    6. Clock on and use the keyboard if necessary
    6. Soft reset
    7. Delete miomap.exe and rename miomap2.exe to miomap.exe
    8. That’s it, you’re done !
    To watch movies you will need tcpmp movie player and the aac audio plugin from

  • stroths writes:

    Another step you should do is the following.
    1. Install hack as described above
    2. Open Explorer and click -> Show ->About/Settings and select “English” from the drop-down box. Otherwise, Explorer will be in French mode.

  • JuryDuty writes:

    OK, I just did the hack to bring up Windows CE. It works great, though it’s a little scary at points, especially since I couldn’t find a definitive guide in English. For those who want to try, here is exactly what I did. There may be an easier way, but here’s what worked for me.
    Keep in mind that you’re doing this at your own risk–my experience may be different than yours.
    – Make sure Microsoft ActiveSync is installed.
    – If you haven’t already, install Mio Transfer from your 310x DVD.
    – Download the Mio Transfer Hack from the summary area of this topic. Take the hacked file and paste it into C:\Program Files\Mio Digiwalker. Delete the Mio Transfer.exe file and rename Mio Transfer Hack.exe to Mio Transfer.exe
    – Run Mio Transfer and plug your GPS into your PC. It should recognize the GPS on the right.
    – Go to My Flash Disk\MioMap\MioMap and delete the MioMap.exe file.
    – Download “” from link in the summary area of this topic. Unzip it.
    – In Mio Transfer, locate the unzipped file on your hard drive and copy the miomap.exe, Miotool.exe, and over.
    – Disconnect your GPS and perform a soft reset by pressing the “reset” button on the bottom of the unit.
    – When your unit restarts, double-click MioMap. File Explorer starts.
    – Navigate to My Flash Disk\MioMap\Miomap and double click on MIOTOOL.exe. See the small box in the upper left corner now? You’ll need that soon.
    – In the same folder, double click
    – You need to press ENTER, so click the box that says “Utils”, then click the little box in the upper left corner. A keyboard pops up. Press enter. Click the little box to make the keyboard disappear.
    – Select Yes to All and let the files load in.
    – When it’s finished, perform another soft reset.
    – This time, the desktop will come up. Double-click “Explorer.”
    – Navigate to My Flash Disk\utils and delete the French.lng file (I think that’s the name. It’s the French language file you want to kill. You delete it by selecting it and clicking the red X at the top of the screen).
    – Navigate to My Flash Disk\miomap\miomap and delete Miomap.exe.
    – Reconnect your GPS to your PC. If it doesn’t connect via ActiveSync, you’ll have to Open ActiveSync and delete the partnership via the File menu. Unplug the GPS and plug it in again. Click on ActiveSync on the GPS screen if it doesn’t connect right away. This was a bit of trial and error for me until the two finally connected. Create a new partnership if you have to.
    – In your PC’s File Explorer, open the 310x DVD. Navigate to Install/miomap.
    – In ActiveSync, choose to Explore your GPS. Copy the miomap.exe file from your DVD to the My Flash Disk\mioMap\miomap folder on your GPS.
    – Unplug your GPS. Soft reset.
    – Now when it starts, you can click Miomap from the desktop to start your GPS like it used to be! To exit back to your CE desktop, choose Home and Exit.
    – Tip: On the CE desktop, select the Windows button/Settings/Taskbar and Start Menu. Uncheck “Always on Top.”
    – Note: Some say you have to reload your maps once this is all done. I just recopied the basemap.fbl file from the maps directory on the DVD to My Flash Disk/mioMap/miomap/maps on the device and soft reset. Everything worked fine after that. A soft reset alone may have fixed the problem though.
    Hope this helps someone!

Add a Desktop Shortcut to the Start Button

How to add a voice language using MioTransfer Hack

  • Instructions here

    1. Download Mio Transfer Hack.
    2. Unzip the only file, “Mio Transfer Hack.exe” to your MioDigiWalker program directory.
    3. Backup the current “Mio Transfer.exe” in a different folder.
    4. Rename “Mio Transfer Hack.exe” to “Mio Transfer.exe”. You don’t need the quotations.
    5. Open “Mio Transfer.exe” and it’ll be a different interface from the one you installed on the disk. Don’t unzip it.
    6. Download the Language Pack you want here to your desktop.
    7. Go back to Mio Transfer and click on the Flash icon and it should show you all the folders in your GPS.
    8. Navigate to \My Flash Disk\MioMap\MioMap\voice\ and transfer the language file in it’s .zip format.
    With this method, you don’t have to unlock your MIO to add a language voice. Hope this helps. Credit goes stroths for all the information posted by him.

Easy POI Editor

  • Instructions here
    1. Got active sync working from above
    2. Copied iGO.db from C310 to PC.
    3. Ran iGO POI Explorer and imported iGO.db
    4. Imported the .KML file into iGO.db
    5. Exported the updated iGO.db to PC.
    6. Copied iGO.db back to the C310
    This software also has an experimental sync mode that directly changes the igo.db You will need to be out of the gps software (i.e. at the ce page or the main page to be able to manipulate the db)

Another POI Editor

Install Canada map on SD card

Install Canada map (alternative)

  • credit to gmitch64

    Canada maps install…. All you need to do, is put the canada.fbl file in \Storage Card\miomap\miomap\maps directory… problem is, that there isn’t enough room for it (guess I don’t have the ones with the ‘extra 1Gb free’)…
    Couple of solutions… Delete some maps you don’t need (I did CA, since I’m in MI and not travelling there any time soon.
    Other way is to copy the ENTIRE miomap directory onto your SD card, install the map there, set the value of HKLM\software\miomap\appdir to \storage card\miomap\miomap, and run the miomap.exe application from there… both seem to work.

GpsPasSion Forum – Great resource for hacking your Mio

Additional Customizations

  • credit to MoonBear

    GPSPassion Forum Post Look about 2/3rd of the way down, post by MoonBear. Full credit to MoonBear on this.
    Use the Mio Transfer hack to navigate to \My Flash Disk\MioMap\MioMap and replace the on your Mio with this (do not unzip it, just load the whole zip file as is). I’d suggest that you both copy the original off the Mio and save it to your PC as well as renaming it and leaving it on the Mio before you copy the new one in.
    From MoonBear @
    I’ve uploaded my personalized version of all to share with everyone. This will of course take away all the fun out of modifying scripts by yourself.
    It’s in English.
    What’s changed:
    The flash background is changed to one of my favorite cars, although what I want is the American model made by Lexus.
    Tracklog Export / Options
    Main Menu Exit button
    More Display Options (including more coordinate formats)
    More Route Options (including High Speed Fly Over)
    Route Parameter (EASY route)
    These changes are tailered to my own taste. Further customization is up to you

How to report map problem to TeleAtlas so they can update next version of map

How to install tomtom on this device

  • Instructions here

    ” I have a “No installation” method for TT6 on CE 4.2 PNA, at least it worked for Mio C310x.
    On your SD card, create a TomTom directory, put data.chk(originally in tomtom directory), TomTom Navigator.exe, Voices directory under it. Put all your map directories under the root directory. These are all you need to run TT6.
    Run TomTom Navigator directly, after you’ve selected language and voice, TTN gives you error message “No Maps Found”.
    What can you do?
    Easy! Use a registry editor, go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE
    –> My Document
    Change its value to the name of SD card, “\Storage Card”, in my case.
    Next, TomTom needs to know your GPS device. For C310x, it’s
    Other NMEA GPS receiver
    GPS Baud Rate 4800
    GPS serial COM2:

Get Fast fly-over to work

Saving Custom POIs

  • Instructions here

    ..been enjoying playing around with this MIO for a couple days. For everyone trying to add custom waypoints or points of interest, perhaps this may help. Most of which has already been mentioned in some form before.
    The MIO has 2 ‘favorites’ for quick access, most likely to be used for your home location and something else.
    Any other points you want to save have to be added to a custom list of ‘POIs’
    * Create your own group where you’d like to save places. For example, you can make a group called John’s places, another for Jane’s places, etc etc.
    1.) Access the menu from the map screen. Either in Cockpit view or in Map view there is a soft button for Menu. click it.
    2.) There will be 4 soft buttons shown (magnifying glass, gear, road, and a house). Click the gear (settings).
    3.) Click ‘Manage POI’. here you can set which POIs to show or hide on the map along with manage your custom points.
    4.) Click on ‘My POI’. This is the area where you can add groups (folders).
    5.) Create a new group where you want to store your custom entries by selecting ‘NEW’ Type a name for the group and press done.
    6.) Exit back to the map view.
    * Adding Custom entries to your newly created group (above)
    You can add places to your group by looking it up by address, something in your history, or just by tapping a location on the map.
    1.) Switch to Map mode
    2.) Get your cursor to the location you want to add. You can do this by going to Menu (on screen) and using the address or just clicking anywhere on the screen.
    3.) You will see the bottom menu pop up. click on ‘Add POI’
    4.) Type in a name for the location. Press done.
    5.) Now you can assign a different Icon or assign a different group (if you have multiple groups defined). The group to which the current POI is assigned is shown right above the Icon button.
    6.) Now the POI is saved.
    * Bringing up a previously saved POI
    Access the POI button then go to ‘My POI’, then the group you want to look in. you can sort by distance or names.
    Hope that helps someone.

Mio Shell Replacement

  • credit to stroths Original gpspassion link

    I got it installed and running very nicely on my Mio as shown in the screenshot above. I had to download the Microsoft .net redistributable 1.0 SP3 and run it on my PC first. This installed the .net compact framework on my Mio C310x. Next I installed the cab from the download above and it went on without a hitch. You just have to update the ini file mentioned in the link above to customize the buttons. I’m on my lunch break, so I don’t have time to comment much on this.
    I customized a few buttons to launch TCPMP, and Mio Maps. When you exit these apps, it returns to the menu. VERY NICE!! The shell shows up in English as well on my C310x
    Microsoft Compact .net 1.0 SP3 Redistributable
    Microsoft Compact .net 1.0 SP3 Cab install – Update: You can also download the redistributable above and open the file with either 7-Zip or WinRAR and extract the file (tip compliments of Space).
    Navigator Shell Thread (French/English)
    Instructions Overview
    NOTE: Your Mio must be hacked so you can access the Windows CE Desktop for this to work
    1. Install the Microsoft .net redistributable 1.0 SP3 (desktop method or cab…your choice)
    2. Install the navigator cab to \Program Files\Navigator (don’t change this directory)
    3. Modify the navigator.ini file mentioned in the link above to your needs. DO NOT add any extra carriage returns (pressing Enter) in the file. I did this by accident and the navigator.exe gave errors when trying to start.
    EDIT: The the last 3 slots in the “My Programs” section don’t appear to function.
    Once you get it setup as you like, create a link to the navigator program in the \Windows\startup folder. This will make it launch on a soft reset.

Mio scripting (for advanced users)

How to install iGuidance

Change MioMap startup graphic

  • credit to MoonBear (Original thread:

    Some of you are not fascinated by the startup image in Maybe your girl friend cajoles you to change it to her picture. I understand, totally.
    Here is the quick guide to replace the startup image.
    Resize your favorite image into 320×240 and save it as loading_C310.bmp (bitmap format).
    Open the DATA.ZIP with WinRAR (or WinZIP). Go to ui_mio\mio. Simply drag and drop your file into this folder. WinRAR will recompress and save DATA.ZIP.
    Now all you need to do is copy it to \My Flash Disk\MioMap\MioMap.

Putting maps on SD card

  • credit to MoonBear (original thread:

    Some people weren’t lucky enough to get the 2G Flash model of C310x. In order to make space in Flash, they want to off-load those less-frequent used maps to SD but are having problem accessing them.
    You can create a \Miomap\maps directory under \Storage Card. That should do it.
    If not, then use a registry editor, go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE
    –> My Document
    Change its value to the name of SD card, “\Storage Card”.

Useful applications

  • stroths writes:

    Here is a pretty complete list of compatible apps, but its in French…what a surprise. I ended up installing missle command and a calculator from that list.
    Here is a pretty sweet little task manager.

  • credit to MoonBear (original thread:

    OziExplorer comes handy when you are in an off-route place. It can record waypoint and track, too. Remember to turn off the GPS in Ozi before you exit from the program or your MioMap can’t find GPS +signal at all.
    Here is what I did
    File > Configuration
    o General Settings
    Position Format : Deg, Min, Sec
    Display Datum : WGS84
    o NMEA (GPS)
    Communication Port : COM2:
    Baud Rate : 4800
    Sentence : GPRMC
    GPS NMEA Output Datum : WGS84
    Click on the GPS icon to turn on GPS.
    Use Map > View Satellites to check the satellite status.

    There is just one more gem that I’d like to mention. Spreadsheet CE. Given that there is no calculator in C310x, why don’t we add one? But hey, why don’t we add a nice spreadsheet program?
    For C310x user, you should get CE.NET version for ARM V4

  • rayw69 writes:

    The calculator I am using can be found here:

Mio c310x GPS – Part 2

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restore from DVD

1) Hard reset the Mio
2) Install Mio Transfer on your PC.
The rest is from the FAQ at
Please insert the MioMap data DVD into your PC’s DVD drive and select RESTORE APPLICATIONS. This will take about 2 to 3 minutes. After that, select TRANSMIT MAPS. Select TRANSMIT MAP arrow in the bottom of the screen. You will be asked to make sure the device is connected and turned on. Select OK. Select TRANSMIT TO C310x. It will appear as though nothing is happening at first. But the DVD will be reading and after couple of minutes, green squares will appear in the long bar in the middle. This process could take more than an hour to complete. After it is complete, disconnect the device and turn the POWER switch (on the bottom) OFF and back ON. It should be functioning normally.

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