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January 2, 2007

GpsPasSion Forums – New skin for hacked mio310!

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There is nothing to install really.
Once you download one of those zip files from above link. Unzip it and investigate those .ini files. If the file structure is where you like it, then put everything like the .ini says. Otherwise, change the .ini files according to where you’d like your files to be.
For me, I put everything in \My Flash Disk\Skin
1. Create a \My Flash Disk\Skin directory and put everything in there.
2. Change all .ini accordingly.
3. Change the desktop background to \My Flash Disk\Skin\bg.bmp (When you want to switch background, just copy your image to this folder and rename it to bg.bmp instead changing all references in all .ini files).
4. Create a shortcut in \Windows\startup for SystemInformation122.exe
5. Move all links on desktop to somewhere else for safe keeping. We don’t use them any more.
6. Reset!
After many hours of work, I gave up making my own icons. Instead, I comb internet for best looking ones. Here is what my C310x screen looks like now. Still not perfect, just to give you an idea.
I only put frequently used programs there. The rest can be accessed by regular [Windows]->[Programs] method like Windows XP.
What I like about this shell are
1. Coexist with windows shell. I can access other programs easily.
2. Miminum resource requirement. It only takes up a few hundred KB.
3. Free form placement of icons.
4. You can use any background picture.
5. If you are creative, you can also animate the icon because it allows you to specify a different “button down” icon.

Source: GpsPasSion Forums – New skin for hacked mio310!


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  1. Hi boys!000ba07ae1cf98ad44029b6f6cb05dea

    Comment by limewire — September 15, 2007 @ 12:40 am

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