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January 21, 2007

List Of Ad-free Proxy Sites »

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List Of Ad-free Proxy Sites

Trying to browse the internet can be a pain at work as many popular communities, blogs and forums are blocked. You can get around these with a proxy service, that lets you get around corporate or school firewalls.

The problem with most proxy sites though, is that they tend to serve a lot of popup ads which can be annoying and makes it hard to ‘alt-tab’ when your teacher or boss walks over, as there can be loads of windows open.

I’ve spent a lot of time today checking out Proxy sites and here are the Best Ad-Free Proxy Sites I’ve found, or that have acceptable advertising policies. It’s worth bookmarking this list as network admins are always updating their lists of blocked sites, so it’s good to have some backups ready just in case!
List of Ad-Free Proxy Services

  1. Spysurfing – acceptable advertising policy (header only)
  2. ProxLite – totally adfree once you start browsing, and very fast
  3. Letmeby – Decent speed and no ads while browsing
  4. Proxycondom – Not an ad in sight!
  5. Worldwideproxy – No ads
  6. Techtakover – no ads but very slow
  7. Proxylord – Totally ad-free
  8. Pimpmyip – used to have banners, but now removed
  9. Unipeak – ads in the header but no popups in this baby
  10. Proxydevil – everything a proxy should be – fast and no ads

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  1. best informesens for my ….tcx

    Comment by proxyfree — May 19, 2011 @ 11:32 am

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