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January 21, 2007

Transfer Files Between PCs Using USB Cables »

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Transfer Files Between PCs Using USB Cables

I’ve just seen a fantastic tip on Digital Inspiration that I never knew was possible.  Digital Inspiration have highlighted how you can use a simple USB data cable to transfer files between PCs.  According to Belkin up to 30GB of data can be transferreed per hour.

I often find myself on the road with my laptop wanting to transfer large files to another laptop.  Although a USB stick can be used, using a cable would be much faster as it would eliminate the extra step required to write data to a temporary storage area before transfer.

All I need now is to find a cheap USB cable on eBay.

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Source: Transfer Files Between PCs Using USB Cables »


This Directlink USB 2.0 cable is the fastest and easiest solution for easy file transfer between two computers at the moment.
It is driverless for Windows ME, 2000 and all XP
For windows 98 only, 3 small software driver files can be downloaded from here
It is the most advanced cable in the world that doesn’t require any software driver installation and hassle of carrying driver software CDs.
Just put this cable to your laptop bag and use it with any PC or Notebook even on the way.
It is real plug and play item with a chip that has the software driver hard coded on it,
Just by plugging it you’ll be able to see a removable disks on your computer. 
In that disk you’ll see the small software that will transfer the files between two PC just by clicking on it.
As reliable as our older stock USB 1.1 Easy File Transfer Cables, but much faster and of course much more convenient.
Transferring files between two computers cannot get any easier and faster than this at the moment.


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