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February 5, 2007


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默认 从NMEA制式换成SIRF制式

MIO本身为NMEA制式,但其支持SIRF III,可以换成SIRF制式:
I used SiRFTech (a utility that runs on the Mio) to change the GPS receiver to use SiRF protocol by following these steps (NOTE: I also changed the baud rate to 57600):
1) Start SiRFTech, it should start up and show you the time in UTC and some satellite information. If you haven’t made any changes previously, it should be using NMEA protocol at 4800 baud.
2) On the bottom of the screen, tap on the “NMEA” menu. If the menu doesn’t come up, try tapping in the upper right corner of the menu text (i.e. right above the “A” in “NMEA” or for the “SIRF” menu, right above the “F”).
3) Once the “NMEA” menu opens, select “Set Serial Port (Switch to SiRF)”. In the “Protocol” field select SiRF (should already be selected), and in the Baudrate field put in what you want, I put in 19200. Then tap the “Set” button. Then tap the “=Baud” button. You should see the “SirfTime” field start incrementing.
4) Select “Exit” from the bottom of the screen to exit SiRFTech.
You have just set your GPS receiver to respond to SiRF protocol commands instead of NMEA protocol commands.
The next step makes Mio Map also use the SiRF protocol at the new baud rate:
5) Edit the file “\My Flash Disk\MioMap\MioMap\SYS.TXT” and add the following lines:
(If you used a different baud rate than 19200 in step 3, then put that for com_port_speed instead)
Save the file.
6) Now start up Mio Map, and it should now be using SiRF protocol at the new baud rate. If you look at the satellite icon and it has a red exclamation point (“!”) in it, then something went wrong and Mio Map can not connect to the GPS, otherwise you can tap on that icon and watch as the new SiRF protocol is used to get updates about the satellites (the green light should be blinking).
You need AYGSHELL.DLL to run SiRFTech, can be found in the file. You can use…nf/msceinf.htm to pull the file out.
You also need a screen rotate program to run SiRFTech, in this thread…TOPIC_ID=72665
心得: 如收不到信号, 多试几次

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