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April 10, 2007

Free HTC Trinity SIM & CID Unlocker Available – xda-developers

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Free HTC Trinity SIM & CID Unlocker Available

This is a patched radio ROM that can be used to remove the Operator SIM lock and CID lock from HTC Trinity based telephones.
It can be used in all HTC Trinity devices, no matter which bootloader version or radio bootloader version the device is running.
This is free to use but at your own risk, I take no responsiblity for any conflict, fault, or damage caused to your phone by this unlocking procedure. No warranties of any kind are given. Any commercial usage prohibited.
Install Instructions:
Easy auto-install Instructions:

  1. Unzip unlocker and run AUTO_Unlock_v1.bat

If you don’t want to install automatically, or for some reason the process doesn’t work for you, here are the manual instructions:

  1. Transfer SSPL/SSPL-TRIN.exe to your phone and run it
  2. Tri-color screen will appear
  3. Disable activesync (file -> connection settings -> uncheck “allow USB connections”)
  4. Connect your phone to your computer using the USB lead.
  5. Run RUU/ROMUpgradeUtility.exe
  6. Follow the flashing process (Check the “I understand…” and “I completed…” boxes and update!)
  7. Allow your phone to reboot.
  8. Transfer TRIN_Unlock_v1.exe program to your phone and run it
  9. Click the Unlock Button, select unlock option. Select if you want SIM/CID unlock.
  10. Click “Unlock!” and wait until process finishes.
  11. When done, turn off your phone for 10 seconds and reboot after that.

Please Note: It is *highly recommended* to flash a full rom after using the unlocker.
I spent some time and money developing this free unlocker, there’s no need to pay me for that, but donations are always appreciated. You can find a paypal button to donate on the unlocker website.
Thanks to:

  • buzz_lightyear, itsme, vijay555, arc, Asukal, machinagod, esteve – for the wise advice and support
  • Des – for the great SSPL tool EVERYBODY PRAISE Des!
  • everyone else in

v1 [13-02-2007] – patched radio 1.16
based on hermes unlocker v3


Source: Free HTC Trinity SIM & CID Unlocker Available – xda-developers


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