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April 11, 2007


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1) show GPS setting icon

使用registry editor
找到 Hotkey Local Machine>ControlPanel>GPS Settings
將 Hide 由1 改成0
左下角 Edit -> New DWORD Value
Name=Group , Data=2
在開始>設定>連線, 就可以看到 GPS的ICON了

2) edit homeplug icon

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\HTC\HTCHomeplug\6] –> 原來已經到5了,最多七個所以是6
“iconindex”=dword:00000000 —> 指使用下面檔案的內部第幾個icon
“ResPath”=”\\windows\\iexplore.exe” —>icon的來源檔
“LaunchApPath”=”\\windows\\iexplore.exe” —>執行的程式



[b]Change Scroll Bar (Smaller)
[/b]Change the width of the vertical scroll bar and the height of the horizontal scroll bar so they take less room on the screen:
Change cxVScr to (say) 9 to make vertical scrollbar narrower. Default value is 13
Change cyHScr to (say) 9 to make horizontal scrollbar narrower. Default value is 13
[b]Reduce power consumption[/b]
Find all the following registry location:
(1) [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Comm\AsyncMac1\Parms]
(2) [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Comm\Irsir1\Parms]
You will see this registy “DisablePowerManagement”=1 (dword)
Change all from 1 to 0
[b]PocketIE Cache in storage card[/b] [color=red][b]- CHT ROM is NOT worked[/b][/color]
Create these folders at Storage Card:
\storage card\Pocket IE\Temporary Internet Files
\storage card\Pocket IE\Cookies
\storage card\Pocket IE\History
Change the following registry keys:
[HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Shell Folders]
“Cache”=”\storage card\Pocket IE\Temporary Internet Files”
“Cookies”=”\storage card\Pocket IE\Cookies”
“History”=”\storage card\Pocket IE\History”
[b]Add Wireless at Today Plugin
只要再增加一個Registry,你可以Click嗰個”Today”就可以開啓無線管理員(Comm Manager): [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\ControlPanel\WrlsMgr]
增加 “String Value ”
Name =”Redirect”
String = “\Windows\CommManager.exe”
[b]Enable 4-way scrolling[/b]
[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Navigation]
“4-Way Nav”= 1 change to 0
[b]Cleartype in landscape mode[/b]
“OffOnRotation”=1 change to 0
[b]Disable menu animations to increase performance: [/b]
“AniType” 6 change to 0
[b]Unlock hidden ROM: [/b]
[b]Keep Wifi (Bluetooth, GPRS and ActiveSync) connected while phone is in standby.[/b]
Find the following registry, change the value from 0-3, (Original =4)


修改靚字 – Worked on D810 (Eng ROM) with CE-Star 2.8 R2A
“MS Sans Serif:-13″=”Tahoma:-9”
“MS Sans Serif:-11″=”Tahoma:13”
[b]Add Program Short Cut To The “HTCHOMEPLUG” – Not worked on AKU3.3[/b]
You will find these maps (1,2,3,4).
If you want to create a new shortcut, add a new “Key” (name it is “5”).
In the “Key” you need to add:
Add “String” LaunchApPath -> Point this string to the program
Add “String” ResPath -> Point this to the program or dll that contains the icon
Add “dword” iconindex -> some executable files and dll’s contain serveral icons. The normal value is 0, but it depends on the exe/dll file.
Example of add Internet Explore


[b]Add a ‘Disconnect’ button and Timer to the Connection List for GPRS/HSPDA[/b]
Add “Flags2 = 16” (DWORD decimal)
[b]增加Registry – 便用導航鍵單手操作Pocket IE[/b]
Go to [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\]
1. 加入 “KeyMaps” (Use Key)
2 係 “KeyMaps” 裹面加入以下Registry:
a.) Add “37” = 1 (Dword)
b.) Add “39” = 2 (Dword)
3. Soft Reset
加入以上Registry 後,用Pocket IE 上網,你會發現可以不用觸控筆做到以下功能:
1.向左長按導航鍵時,網頁向上。(Left of the 5-way will page up)
2.向右長按導航鍵時,網頁向下。(Right on the 5-way will page down)
(Up or Down on the 5-way will still move Link to Link)


[b]中文機用ClearType font方法[/b]
[b]改”儲存卡”名”storage cards”[/b]

3) interal










Source: Mobile01 我飛快的CHT 9100 (GPS隱藏版)~*


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