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May 9, 2007

WAMU via citi

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reeskyline (freeskyline), 信区: Money
标 题: Monday WAMU汇钱回国(招商)成功, 一分未少!
发信站: BBS (Wed Apr 25 11:33:34 2007)

Went to a local WAMU branch just beside my home on Monday 4-23-07.
Originally wanted to follow Money版 JHQ’s experience to do domestic transfer
to my grandpa’s 招商 account. But the branch manager advised me although
they wouldn’t mind doing that for me, they would strongly recommend me do
International Transfer. He insisted that first, WAMU international transfer
is free, second, doing domestic transfer then credit to my grandpa’s 招商
account in China later on is not the normal way and would not be 100%
success guarantee.
Finally I listened to him and chose International Transfer.
Beneficiary Name and Address: Grandpa and his address in China
Beneficiary Account: Grandpa’s 招商 account ( 一卡通 number)
Beneficiary Bank: China Merchants Bank
Correspondent Bank: Citi in New York
Amount: USD 1000
昨晚Tuesday 登陆招商 online专业板, logged in my grandpa’s account. Bravo, $
1000 showed up and 一分未少!! Very fast and easy!
Then I did 招商网上结汇 (limit is US$50K) online right away and converted
USD1000 into RMB. Rate: 770.32.

发信人: freeskyline (freeskyline), 信区: Money
标 题: Re: Monday WAMU汇钱回国(招商)成功, 一分未少!
发信站: BBS (Thu Apr 26 01:11:24 2007)

WAMU has a drop down list for correspondent bank on their international
transfer system.

Ask the bank officer to select Citi N.A. New York on the correspondent bank
drop down.

【 在 maizegirl (叮当) 的大作中提到: 】
: Sounds nice.
: I want to try tomorrow.
: Would you mind to tell me what “correspondent bank: Citi NY branch” for?
: Thank you.
: transfer
: transfer


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