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May 20, 2007

VS2005 win ce common migrate errors

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Error 1 fatal error C1189: #error :  Please use the /MD switch for _AFXDLL builds C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio 8\VC\ce\atlmfc\include\afxver_.h 77 

You need to change Project | Properties | Configuration Properties | C++ | Code Generation | Runtime Library to have the value “Multi-threaded [Debug] Dll,” or change your MFC setting Project | Properties | Configuration Properties | General | Use Of MFC to have the value “Use MFC in a static library.”
The reason that you are seeing this error is that the defaults changed between eVC 4 and VS 2005, and using MFC from a DLL requires that the CRT also come out of a DLL. 



  • Compile error: Cannot open include filewceres.rc

    Right-click the project resource (RC) file, select View Code, and then comment out the following line:

    //#include "wceres.rc"
  •  3)
      Error 1 error LNK2019: unresolved external symbol wWinMain referenced 
      in function wWinMainCRTStartup corelibc.lib 



    Go to Properties >> Linker >> Advanced and clear wWinMainCRTStartup
    from the “Entry Point” property. While you’re at it, clear anything
    you’ve got for “Base Address” as well.

    I ran into the same thing after converting an eVC 4.0 project to VS2K5.


    1>_CE_ACTIVEX was not defined because this Windows CE SDK does not have DCOM.

    1> _CE_ACTIVEX could be caused to be defined by defining _CE_ALLOW_SINGLE_THREADED_OBJECTS_IN_MTA, but it is recommended that this be done only for single-threaded apps.

    1>_ATL_NO_HOSTING was defined because _CE_ACTIVEX was not defined.

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