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October 6, 2007

DD-WRT Solution for Random Resetting to Default – complete guide

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This is a complete guide on how to recompile the DD-WRT source code to modify default factory settings for your own use. The need for this came up because the dd-wrt router on my client site keeps resetting back to default and the forum provided no clear fix for it. The procedures described here were proven to work on my machine. This guide is exactly the same as the one in wiki Ddwrtmodificationhowto in our company webpage so if you are from my work then you can print it from there.
tools needed for doing this:
.fedora core 6 with all development tools such as gcc 4.1.1 installed (in my case it runs on virtual pc)
.latest source code as of now (1210-2006-svn5216.snapshot.tar.bz2 from downloads/sourcecode section)
.toolchains (toolchains.x86.debian.sp1.tar.bz2) from the bottom of the downloads/source section, for compiling
1.unpack the source code with: tar xvf 1210-2006-svn5216.snapshot.tar.bz2
2.move the unpacked directory DD-WRT to /
3.unpack toolchains into /opt
4.create links to the directories for compile scripts:
cd /
ln -s /DD-WRT/image GruppenLW
cd /opt
ln -s 3.4.6-uclibc-0.9.28 3.4.6
ln -s 3.4.6-uclibc-0.9.28 3.3.4
ln -s 3.4.6-uclibc-0.9.28 3.3.6
ln -s 4.1.0-uclibc-0.9.28 4.1.0
5.add toolchain to your path: export PATH=$PATH:/opt/4.1.0/bin/
6.change permission for certain files:
chmod +x /DD-WRT/src/router/iptables/extensions/.dccp-test
chmod +x /DD-WRT/src/router/iptables/extensions/.layer7-test
7.compile some stuff first:
cd /DD-WRT/src/linux/brcm/linux.v23
cp .config_std .config
make oldconfig
make dep the following script(thanx to tornado) as /DD-WRT/
export PATH=/opt/4.1.0/bin:$MYPATH
cd /DD-WRT/src/router/busybox/scripts
rm -f bb_mkdep *.o
gcc bb_mkdep.c -o bb_mkdep
cd /DD-WRT/src/squashfs-tools
rm -f *.o mksquashfs-lzma
cp mksquashfs-lzma /DD-WRT/src/linux/brcm/linux.v23/scripts/squashfs
cp mksquashfs-lzma /DD-WRT/src/linux/brcm/linux.v24/scripts/squashfs
cd /DD-WRT/tools
rm strip
rm write3
rm write4
make strip
make write3
make write4
gcc -o webcomp -DUEMF -DWEBS -DLINUX webcomp.c
cd ../src/router/tools
rm jsformat
make jsformat the following script(thanx to tornado) as /DD-WRT/
echo “#define BUILD_DATE \”$(date +%D)\”” > build.h
export PATH=/opt/4.1.0/bin:$PATH
cd ../src/linux/brcm/linux.v23
#cd ../src/linux/brcm/linux.v24
cp .config_std .config
make clean
make oldconfig
cd ../../../router
rm -dfr mipsel-uclibc/install
make clean
cd ../../opt
10.give permission to those scripts:
chmod ugo+rwx /DD-WRT/
chmod ugo+rwx /DD-WRT/ the last step before compiling is edit the default factory settings. The file to modify is /DD-WRT/src/router/services/defaults.c. To know the right variable to modify simple ssh into your dd-wrt router and do: nvram show >list.txt
from the list.txt you will get an idea which variable is which. Then simply search string for the variable name in defaults.c and modify the middle argument. Two things that will not be affected by the modification of defaults.c is lan_ipaddr and wep keys. These will need to be changed in rc_startup variable. Add a startup script to rc_startup to change them: {“rc_startup”, “nvram set lan_ipaddr=\nnvram set rc_startup=\nnvram commit\nreboot”, 0}, note the \n is escape sequence for c++ string. compile the damn thing with:
cd /DD-WRT
cd /DD-WRT/opt
13.the binary files created will be in /GruppenLW/
You need to follow this instruction exactly for it to work. And I have not tested it against anything other than fedora core 6 combined with sp3 source code so any other combo may or may not work!

Source: DD-WRT Forum :: View topic – Solution for Random Resetting to Default – complete guide


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