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May 9, 2007

WAMU via citi

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reeskyline (freeskyline), 信区: Money
标 题: Monday WAMU汇钱回国(招商)成功, 一分未少!
发信站: BBS (Wed Apr 25 11:33:34 2007)

Went to a local WAMU branch just beside my home on Monday 4-23-07.
Originally wanted to follow Money版 JHQ’s experience to do domestic transfer
to my grandpa’s 招商 account. But the branch manager advised me although
they wouldn’t mind doing that for me, they would strongly recommend me do
International Transfer. He insisted that first, WAMU international transfer
is free, second, doing domestic transfer then credit to my grandpa’s 招商
account in China later on is not the normal way and would not be 100%
success guarantee.
Finally I listened to him and chose International Transfer.
Beneficiary Name and Address: Grandpa and his address in China
Beneficiary Account: Grandpa’s 招商 account ( 一卡通 number)
Beneficiary Bank: China Merchants Bank
Correspondent Bank: Citi in New York
Amount: USD 1000
昨晚Tuesday 登陆招商 online专业板, logged in my grandpa’s account. Bravo, $
1000 showed up and 一分未少!! Very fast and easy!
Then I did 招商网上结汇 (limit is US$50K) online right away and converted
USD1000 into RMB. Rate: 770.32.

发信人: freeskyline (freeskyline), 信区: Money
标 题: Re: Monday WAMU汇钱回国(招商)成功, 一分未少!
发信站: BBS (Thu Apr 26 01:11:24 2007)

WAMU has a drop down list for correspondent bank on their international
transfer system.

Ask the bank officer to select Citi N.A. New York on the correspondent bank
drop down.

【 在 maizegirl (叮当) 的大作中提到: 】
: Sounds nice.
: I want to try tomorrow.
: Would you mind to tell me what “correspondent bank: Citi NY branch” for?
: Thank you.
: transfer
: transfer


December 4, 2006

Javatyger’s Tech Blog

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Cool Site: Paypal Mobile! Pay anyone with your cell phone!

Now, unless you’ve been living under a rock, and have never touched a computer, you know what PayPal is and what type of services they offer. Well, they recently came out with a new service called PayPal Mobile. PayPal Mobile allows you to send money to anyone with a phone number or email address. Also, a new service called Text to Buy allows you to buy certain items in advertisements by sending a text message from your phone! Pretty cool!
I tried this once already, and it works flawlessly! I sent a 1.00 as a test to my girl-friend Angie, and she received a call from PayPal letting her know how to pick up her buck. I got a confirmation notice in my PayPal account letting me know the transaction was successful. And the entire process is completely secure, as soon as you send the text message with the amount you want to pay, you get a call from PayPal’s automated system asking you to enter your pass code.
This is very convenient way of sending money for any reason, so definitely check it out.

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discover card in china

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Using my Discover Card in China

  • Where can I use my Card in China?
    Currently, you can use your Card anywhere you see the Discover® Network acceptance mark or the China Union Pay acceptance mark throughout mainland China.

    If decals displaying the Discover Network acceptance mark or the China Union Pay acceptance mark are not visible, you may still present your Card for payment if the Merchant accepts Cards. Some Merchants (primarily hotels) don’t always display acceptance decals.
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  • Where can I obtain a cash advance in China using my Card?
    Cash advances using your Card are available at select ATMs located throughout China. A PIN is required to obtain a cash advance from an ATM. Be sure to obtain your PIN prior to your departure by calling Customer Service at 1-800-DISCOVER (1-800-347-2683). To expedite this process, please call from your home phone number when requesting your PIN.
    If you need to obtain your PIN while in China or while in another country outside of the U.S., please contact Customer Service by dialing 011-1, followed by the toll number of 801-902-3100.

Discover CardDiscover card has one of the lowest international transaction fees around….a whopping 0%. That’s right they do not charge ANY fees for international purchases made in a foreign currency or international purchases made in U.S. dollars. Unlike cards issued by Visa and MasterCard, Discover’s cards cannot have dynamic currency conversion fees added by the merchant. Discover also fully, transparently and openly discloses the exchange rate used to make the foreign purchase prominently on the monthly credit card statement. In addition to non-existent fees, Discover offers some of the most attractive rewards programs in the industry and touts fantastic customer service. So why isn’t everybody using Discover Cards to make international purchases when traveling?

Unfortunately, Discover is not widely accepted in foreign countries. But that doesn’t mean Discover can’t be used at many international destinations. Below are a few countries that will accept a Discover Card.

China: Discover has announced an agreement with China UnionPay, that once fully implemented will make Discover Card the most widely accepted U.S. based credit card in China.

Discover Financial Services And China Unionpay Launch Second Phase Of Reciprocal Acceptance Agreement
Purchase at Qianmen Quanjude Restaurant Begins Acceptance of Discover Network Cards at More than 480,000 China Unionpay Merchant Locations Across China
November 08, 2006
Riverwoods, Illinois and Beijing, China – November 8, 2006 – It was less than a year ago that a landmark transaction at the famous Macy’s Herald Square in New York City kicked off the first phase of a reciprocal acceptance agreement between Discover Financial Services LLC, a business unit of Morgan Stanley (NYSE:MS), and China Unionpay (CUP), China’s only national bankcard payment network. Today, a single swipe of a Discover Card marks the second phase of the agreement, signifying the acceptance of Discover Network cards at more than 480,000 merchant locations and 90,000 ATMs across China.


November 20, 2006

BofA offers Bay Area residents free wire transfers to China – East Bay Business Times:

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BofA offers Bay Area residents free wire transfers to China

East Bay Business Times – October 31, 2006

by Mark Calvey

Bank of America and China Construction Bank are testing a service to let consumers make wire transfers to and from China without fees.

The service is available only in the United States at 110 branches in San Francisco, San Mateo and Alameda counties. In China, the service is available in nearly 250 China Construction Bank locations in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangdong, Zhejiang, Liaoning and Xiamen.

The move is the latest volley in the highly competitive business of attracting and retaining retail banking customers. BofA is using its coast-to-coast franchise and investments in foreign banks to enhance its retail offerings. BofA last year paid $3 billion for a nearly 9 percent stake in China Construction Bank.

Last April, BofA and China Construction Bank announced free ATM cash withdrawals from the two banks’ extensive ATM networks in their respective countries.

In a separate move, BofA this month announced free online equity trades to customers with at least $25,000 on deposit. BofA was the first major bank to offer free online banking and bill payment in May 2002 in what was seen as a land grab during a period of explosive growth for online banking. Today BofA has the most online banking customers, with more than 20 million active users.

Other major banks may now have to up the ante in retail banking in the Bay Area, especially as Wachovia (NYSE: WB) enters the region to go up against BofA, Wells Fargo, (NYSE: WFC) Citibank (NYSE: C) and Washington Mutual (NYSE: WM).

BofA customers can wire up to $3,000 per month and $1,500 per individual transaction. Three transactions are allowed per month.

Under the program, any customer who uses one of the 110 participating Bay Area branches and who has a checking or savings account can make free wire transfers of money to any China Construction branch in China. Alternately, the China bank’s personal customers in the pilot test communities can make wire transfers to any BofA (NYSE: BAC) consumer account in the United States.

Transactions are subject to foreign exchange regulations as administered by China’s State Administration of Foreign Exchange.

BofA’s SafeSend program, which launched nationally earlier this year, relies on strategic relationships with banks in Mexico to let BofA customers in the United States send money to Mexico without fees.

Calvey is a reporter for the San Francisco Business Times.

Source: BofA offers Bay Area residents free wire transfers to China – East Bay Business Times:

October 19, 2006

ZT : Citi EZ checking & Saving

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limitation of ACH sucks

but i heard that ACH pulled from other bank has no limitation of AMOUNT , no fee charged.

Banks that count ING/Paypa/ ACH push transfers as direct deposits (confirmed successes):

Bank of America (ING, Paypal, ACH push)
Bank of the West (ING, Paypal)
Bank One (ING, Paypal, ACH push)
Bank of New York (ACH push)
Charter One (ING, ACH push)
Chase (ING, Paypal, ACH push)
Citibank (ING, Paypal, ACH push)
Citizens Bank (ING)
Commerce Bank (ING, Paypal) – refers to one in the northeast
Commerce Bank (ING) – refers to the one in Missouri
Compass Bank (ING)
E-Trade Bank (ING, ACH push)
HSBC (ING, Paypal, ACH push)
Huntington National Bank (PayPal)
PNC Bank (Paypal, ACH push)
Principal Bank (ING)
Salem Five (ACH push)
SunTrust (ING, Paypal)
UFBDirect (ACH push)
US Bank (Paypal, ACH push)
Wachovia (ING)
Washington Mutual (ING, ED, Paypal)
Wells Fargo (ING?) – One report that ING is counted as DD, one report that it isn’t…YMMV

Banks that don’t count ING/Paypal/ACH push transfers as direct deposits (confirmed failures):

Charter One (no Paypal)
Presidential Bank
Wells Fargo (no ING?)
Wachovia (no Paypal)
PNC Bank
MeadowsCU (no ACH push)

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